What Services do You Need? (Flowchart)

Flow Chart for Driving School --To determine what services and certificates you need.

* Note: This is for information purposes only. Department of Motor Vehicles will determine what you need to do, according to their administrative policy, which is subject to change. The information below is presented as a guideline for your convenience, and is not binding. We do not dictate policy for DMV.

All information below is presented to the best of our knowledge, which is limited to our experiences and inquiries. If you see an error, please leave a comment below or email me. (betterdrivers@gmail.com)

1. Have you ever had a drivers license?
No- go to #10
Yes- Go to #2

2. Is your license a Guam License?
Yes- go to #3
No- go to #4

#3 Has your Guam License expired for more than 1 year?
Yes- go to #6
No- You can renew your Guam License at DMV. No certification necessary.

4. Have you had your foreign or Stateside drivers license for five years or more?
No- go to #10
Yes- go to #5

5. Can you get a signed certification from your country, state, or territory attesting that you have held your license for five (5) years?
No- go to #10
Yes- Present your proof (certification) at DMV. Go to # 6

#6 Take the Government of Guam written test. Did you pass?
Yes- You will get a permit and will be given an appointment for a road test. You may or may not be required to buy driving lessons, but be careful; the test is very specific. Please read my article on How to Pass the Driving Test. (link)
No- Re-take the written test. If you fail the written test twice, you will be required to take a 12- hour refresher course. Go to #15

#10. Take class at Better Drivers Driving Education. This costs $70. When you are finished the class, you will receive a classroom certificate and will be able to take the Gov. Guam written test to earn your Learners Permit. (Instructional Permit). Refer to Steps to Obtaining a Guam License.
Go to # 11

#11. When you have your permit, you must have a clean driving record for 6 months before you are eligible to make an appointment for the driving test. DMV will not allow you to make the appointment early, because you must complete 6 months of a perfect driving record. You cannot have 6 months of clean record if you have had the permit for only 5 months.

You are required to complete 50 hours of supervised driving. This 50 hours must be conducted with a designated driver. Also, there must be a minimum of ten (10) hours of night-time driving, defined as after 7PM. (40 hours day, 10 hours night.)

Do you know how to drive?

Yes- If you know how to drive, we can certify you for $70 (two hour minimum at $35/hr). It is wise to wait until the 6 months is almost up before paying for the driving lesson. Otherwise, you may forget what I taught you. Best idea is to wait 6 months, take driving lesson, and pass the road test.

No- If you are a beginner, you can either pay me $45/hr for professional lessons, or you can get someone to teach you for free, and then pay the $70 for driving lesson as above. If you choose to hire me to teach you how to drive, I cannot give you a quote on how much it costs. Everyone is different and the cost depends on:
a. Level of experience
b. practice between lessons
c. Natural ability
d. and other factors

We do provide the instructional vehicle and the lessons are done by appointment.
If you complete the full 8 hours, the cost is $360. But you can pay as you go, so if you spread the payments out over a period of six months to a year, it is not too expensive.

#15. 12 Hour refresher course. This is for people who have a current or expired foreign or Stateside license, or an expired Guam license, but who have failed the written test two times. Attend Better Drivers classroom instruction. The 12-hour refresher course (classroom portion) requires the same classroom instruction as the regular course. We do not conduct separate classes for refresher courses. Please refer to regular class times for your 12-hour refresher course.
When you register for your 12- hour refresher course, please inform the staff at Better Drivers. Otherwise, we will assume you are taking the regular course and then you will get the wrong certificate. You must let us know you are taking the 12-hour refresher course.

Information on the 12- hour course: You will need to take the 2-day classroom instruction. Then, you will be required to complete 4 hours of driving instruction. The refresher course is $140. ($70 for class and $70 for driving).

Is your foreign license expired?

No- We can take you for a quick driving lesson immediately (as soon as we are able to schedule it) and we will issue you a 12- hour certificate (8 hours class and 4 hours driving). Follow DMV instructions. I think you have to take a driving test, but just do what DMV says. Then you will get your Guam Drivers License.

Yes- Please inform the driving school that your foreign or Stateside license is expired. Otherwise we may give you the wrong certificate and waste lots of time and gas.

If your license is expired, I cannot take you for the driving lesson (It would be illegal to drive). So we will issue you an 8-hour classroom certificate.

Then you will go to DMV with the 8- hour certificate and take the written test again. When you pass, you will be issued a Guam learner's permit. When you have the permit, call Better Drivers (734-DRIV) and we will take you for the driving portion and issue the 12-hour certificate. Follow DMV instructions. I think you have to take a driving test, but just do what DMV says. Then you will get your Guam Drivers License.

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