Our Online Course

Many students have taken advantage of our online course since it's inception in 2008. We have been busy and have not had the time to upgrade it as promised, so it is a little dry and boring. But there is so much good information in the online course!

Here are a few issues we have with the delivery of the course. The number one issues seems to be that people really do not read the material! If they did, then we would not have to send emails to explain the process for getting a licence, or explain on the phone exactly how driver education works on Guam, because all of this information is available to read ONLINE!

To qualify to take the online course a person must pass the first test.: Email us with your name and phone number and your intent to take the course. Ask questions only after having read the material, and if you need clarification on a certain point that you do not understand. It is a reading intensive course, so if reading is not your thing you might benefit from our fast and easy 2 day in class setting.

So did you understand what the first test is? Email us!

Once you have decided to do the online course, and passed the first test, then your next step is to decide whether you want to print out a handbook or get a real one to hold in your hand. If you don't have a good printer with ink and paper, you might want to come down to our office and pay in advance for the online course and we will give you a handbook you can hold in your hands to read while doing the online course. Payment of $70 is required at the time of registration to obtain this handbook.

Now you have your handbook, start the course! Read through each unit thoroughly and follow the links for special handouts, videos, or other assignments. The mutliple choice practice questions are meant to help you learn, not only the material of the course, but to learn how to choose the best answer in a multiple choice test. It is all about thinking logically and reading carefully. Don't "mouse over" the answers too fast (holding the mouse button over the answer square will give you the answer). Read first, think about your answer, then check to see if you are correct. Click on the answer button to be taken to an explanation of that question. READ the explanations. It will help you learn. Follow the back buttons to go to the next question when ready.

As you go through the 7 units, write down any questions you may have (or any broken links you may find!) and send us an email to find out your answers. When you feel like you know the material, that is when you arrange to come in and take your final exam.

I hope this helps clarify any questions about our online course.