Military Welcome!

If you are new to Guam or are about to move here: Welcome.

If you are active duty military, or a dependent, and you need to get a Guam license for yourself or a family member, you will need accurate information.

Guam has strict requirements and many military members find that most other states are more lenient about transferring a Guam license than Guam is about accepting licenses from other states.

The graduated licensing law and requirements on Guam make the entire licensing process an ordeal that can last more than a year and a half.

I am aware that you are busy and may have transportation difficulties. I am aware that it can be frustrating to find out just how convoluted the process is. There are no shortcuts.

My best advice is to allow us at Better Drivers to guide you through the process, whatever it might be, depending on your circumstances and your current status. The worst thing to do is to attempt some kind of hurried shortcut and waste time and trips to DMV by either failing a test, written or driving, or else show up at DMV without the required documentation.

It is very easy to do things out of order if you are not fully aware of the correct order of the process(es). Let us help you.

We will provide you with guidelines for the steps to obtaining a license. We invite you to call or email us if you have any confusion. We do our best to keep up with the changing requirements and keep you informed.

We do not have discount rates for military, because our rates are already discounted, but we promise to do our best to pave the way for you, to remove unnecessary obstacles for you and to warn you of common pitfalls so you can evade them.

My son Kevin was in the Air Force and it is our desire to show our support for the troops and their families in the small ways we can.

If you have internet access, you can now take our online course for the classroom part. To do this, go back to the main page and click on the online course link at the top.


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