Steps to Obtaining a License

This information should guide you through the process of getting a Guam license.
If you have a license from another place, there is a flow chart we will make available to help you determine where you are and what you need to do next.

1. First step is take class. Better Drivers offers class for $90. At the end of class you get a certificate which qualifies you to take the Gov. written test.

2. Take the paper to Dept of Revenue and Taxation, Department of Motor Vehicles.
Minors must have parent or legal guardian accompany them to DMV.
Even adults must present a licensed adult who will be responsible for the 50 hour supervised driving requirement.

At DMV you will need to fill out an application for a driver license. (download PDF here)
You will be required to show ID, one of the following: military ID, passport, Guam ID, alien registration card, firearms certificate.

Minor's (those under 18) must have a birth certificate, originals only, no photocopies.

You will have to show your SS card. If you don't have one, go to SS office and apply for one. You can use the receipt to show DMV.

You will take an eye test. If you wear glasses, be sure to bring them.

Make an appointment for the written test.

The written test is administered at University of Guam, but the venue there often changes. Days and times change, too. So be sure to be there at the appointed time and place. If you can't make your appointment there is a number on your appointment paper you must call to reschedule.

The following week results are posted on a bulletin board at UOG or online at If your name is posted, you passed and have a learner's permit waiting for you at DMV. If your name is not there, it means you failed the test. If you fail the test, you will need to go back to DMV and make another appointment. If this happens to you don't be too shy to ask what your score was. It helps you to know how badly you failed!

Now you have your permit and can legally drive as long as you are accompanied by a licensed driver. In fact, you are required to drive for 50 hours, ten of which need to be night-time (after 7 PM).

Your permit is valid for 2 years. Check the dates on your permit to avoid confusion.

You must wait 6 months before you are eligible for the driving test.

During the six month mandatory waiting period, you must observe the following requirements and restrictions:

--50 hours supervised driving, 10 of them after 7 PM. This must be done with your designated supervisor. This person will be on record at DMV as your designated driver, and will be required to certify that you did complete the required driving.

--8 hours of driving lessons. Click here for our rates for driving lessons.

--You must have a perfect driving record for six months. No traffic violations, no at-fault crashes, and zero tolerance alcohol. That means your BAC level must remain below .02%
(A single drink can put you above that level).

After six months, you are eligible for the driving test, provided you have a certificate of completion from a DMV-approved driving school. You must also get a traffic clearance ($10 fee) from the traffic court  - Northern District Court in Dededo or Superior Court of Guam in Hagatna. This will prove you have had a clean driving record for the past six months.

Driving tests are now down through private companies. The law does not allow you to do a road test at the same school you did either class or driving at so choose wisely when picking your school for class and driving lessons. There are only 5 authorized driving schools who do the road test: Guam Public Safety, TLC, UBSafe, Safestart and Signs & Signals. We will provide you this list with contact information when you complete your driving lesson with us.

To make your appointment for the driving test, you must present your ID, your learner's permit and your certificate from your driving school.

When you pass the driving test, you will be given a certificate that needs to be taken up to the DMV to pick up your Intermediate License.

During the intermediate stage, you must have a perfect driving record for one full year. There are also restrictions on nighttime driving. 

If you are <18>18, the limit is midnight every night. After midnight, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver.

After a year of maintaining a perfect driving record, you may apply for a full license. Again you will be required to get a traffic clearance ($10 again) to prove you have a perfect record.


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