Driver Education for Guam - 21 years experience of Driver Education on Guam

Welcome to Better Driver's Driving Education. Now you can take our class online or in the classroom. Or both. One price for unlimited access to any of our classes. 
Guam DMV recognizes and approves our driver education course.

If you are interested in our online course click the link below. Please make sure to follow the instructions in the introduction to our online course. It is not just a matter of reading the handbook and answering a few practice questions. We require you to do due diligence and actually study all 7 units presented in the online course. Not doing so is in violation of the driver's education laws on Guam.

How our online driver education course works:

You must come into our office to pay before beginning the online course.  We will then give you the login information in order to access the online course.

Even if you opt to do the online course, you still have access to our classroom sessions. So you are welcome to do both!

Benefits of the online course delivery


  • Class: (in class or online, same price) $70 for unlimited classroom instruction (We will help you until you get a permit) We take cash or check for payments, and can now also accept most credit/debit cards.
  • $90/2 hours for private lessons for beginners or advanced defensive driving. You will need to do more than 2 hours if you are a beginner driver. So budget for more hours. 
  • $70/2 hours for people who know how to drive. You must demonstrate the skill and knowledge to pass the driving test. This lesson prepares you for that. This is recommended for students who have done at least 30 of their 50 hours of required practice driving with their designated driver.
So that means we can and do teach beginner drivers. But you can save a lot of money if you have family or friends teach you how to drive. (Just be sure you are not learning the teacher's bad habits!)
If you already know how to drive, we can get you up to speed for $70
Mangilao on the corner of Route 10 and University Drive, Above Dae Hong Market
734-3748 (DRIV) or 483-3748(DRIV)
All driving lessons are done by appointment and we provide the car.

Mangilao :
Evening Class: Mon  & Tues from 6pm - 8 pm. 
Afternoon Class: Wed & Thurs from 4-6pm
2 Saturday Mornings from  9 - 11am
You can mix and match. Complete 2 sessions.

By Appointment, 7 days of the week between the hours of 9 and 5pm. Call our office to make an appointment. 

OFFICE HOURS: Our office hours vary but we try to be open:
Mon  & Tues: 10:30am to 6pm
Wed  & Thurs : 10:30 to 5 pm, 
Fridays : Call to see if open
Saturday: 9 am - 3 pm. 
Closed Sundays and most major holidays.

If we are not open during times we advertise we usually put a note on the door explaining why.


Contact Info for Better Drivers -

Leslie and Colleen Smith

Better Drivers Driving Education
PO Box 217945
Barrigada, GU 96921

All phones forward to cell phones which we answer until 7PM. Please do not call after 7pm or on Sundays. We typically turn off our phones during these times. It is best to call us during regular weekday working hours 10am-6pm Monday to Friday. Avoid calling during class times PLEASE!


Below, you will find links to pages of information about:

- What you have to do to get a Guam driver's license
- How to pass the written and driving tests.
- Strategies for surviving a lifetime of driving
- How to save gas by adjusting your driving
- Learning how to drive (for beginners)
- Our professional services

I. The Procedure for Getting a License

Steps to Obtaining a License - article
Steps to Obtaining a License - printable - put it on the fridge.

Flow chart- to help you decide what service you need. If you have a license from another place, check this out.

Why Is Driver Education Important?

The Case for Graduated Licensing Why it's a good idea

Guam Rev & Tax application for Driver License- (PDF format)

II. About Better Drivers Driving Education -

Contact info and "about us"

Our Philosophy
Our Rates
Services We Offer
Class Schedules
Military Welcome!

Better Drivers Registration Form- you can print it and bring to class

III. Passing the Written Test

How to Pass the Written Test--Strategies for Multiple-Choice Tests

Sample Test Questions - all multiple choice

IV. Passing the Driving Test

How to Pass the Driving Test--What is the Examiner Looking For? Read this if you have a road test coming up.

Also, look below to part V. for driving techniques, such as parallel parking.

V. Driving Help. Some of these articles are for beginners, some are about defensive driving and some are helpful for passing the test.

Parallel Park Video About 13 minutes. Filmed at DMV parallel park area. This is an actual driving lesson.

Parallel Park- with pictures! And how to fix your mistakes so you don't have to start over.
Parallel Park- Text-only version so you can print it and bring it with you when you practice.

Bored? This will keep you busy for a few minutes.
Parallel Park Game- Thanks, Charles!

How to Change Lanes For exp. drivers- a short description of the correct procedure. For beginners, a thorough explanation of how to learn this important skill.

Driving on Guam-- A Unique Place. If you're new here, please read.

VI. Study Helps- Plenty of useful handouts from our class.

Territory of Guam Driver Handbook (PDF, about 8MB) We typed the whole thing to make a smaller file size. There is no copyright, so it's OK. This book is developed by Guam Rev & Tax, Dept. of Motor Vehicles. Converted to PDF and hosted by Better Drivers Driving Education.

Survey of the Driver Handbook. Includes instructor's commentary, highlights on important facts and links to discussions. This is a valuable study aid.

Lanes, Lines, Signals and Signs
. - Road markings, road signs and traffic lights are the questions most people get wrong. Even if you know what they mean, it is kind of tricky to figure out the question and the answer without seeing what the question is asking about. It's a good idea to memorize the facts contained in this handout.

Road Signs Presentation - Kind of like Power Point, not for printing.

Important Numbers. - On the test, there are number questions. If you know the number, you get it right. If you don't know it, you will guess and most likely get it wrong. It's not all common sense, so memorize the number facts.

Flash Cards - We use these as a game. The document is set up for 2-sided printing. You may want to just write the answers on the back of the questions by hand, or you can glue the answers to the questions. Figure it out; it's a good study aid.

VII. Other Stuff

I have other articles and sites that don't really fit anywhere.

Monster Doctor- My first book! For kids. Want your kids to read? Give them fun books.

AARP Driver Safety Program for retirees. We are not officially involved, but we proudly support this program to make our roads safer for aging drivers.

Homeschooling on Guam: One of our passionate interests.

"You can school without educating and you can educate without schooling."
We are a home school family.

You can find information about homeschooling on Guam by calling the driving school and asking for home school information, or you can visit our Guam Independent Homeschool Resource Web Site and learn all about it from there.

Click here to get information, encouragement, books and other resources, advice and guidance from experienced home educators on Guam. We love to meet other people who are serious about their children's education. Support and encouragement should go both ways, so we are open to receiving from others as well.