Class Schedules

    We are now offering Online classes where you can sign up online, pay, study the material including 100 practice multiple choice questions (plus a few pop quizzes), take your final exam online and then request your classroom certificate to be mailed to your home or post office box, or you can arrange to pick up your certificate from our office. Call to arrange this at 671-483-3748.

    If you prefer in class sessions we are doing small classes by appointment only. We offer these 6 days of the week, Monday through Saturday, at varying times between the hours of 11am and 5pm. We ask that you stop by our office in Harmon to pre-register for these classes and arrange a time that fits your schedule. 
    You will be required to attend two sessions approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours per session. Second session is typically longer as we do a final exam in the last 1/2 hour in order to certify you. 

OPTION 3: FEE $100 ($70 for OPTION 1 or 2 plus $30)
    For an additional $30 you can access both online and in person classes. This is offered to those who have attended the in-person class but would like to supplement by adding in the online course. Payment is made for this at the office and a valid email address will be required in order to set up access to the online course.
    Additionally, if someone took our online course, but would like to attend an in-person session, then the $30 fee will be required, and an appointment for classes will need to be arranged. 

Driving Lessons are not included in the $70. You must pay separately.
Driving lessons are done by appointment.

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