Class Schedules

Our office is now located in Mangilao across from the Mobil Gas Station on the corner of Route 10 and University Drive (the road that goes to UOG).  Same building as Dae Hong Market, Anything and Everything Thrift store, and Kudu a new take out Chamorro restaurant. We are located on the second floor, unit 203.

Class Times for Mangilao :

Monday and Tuesday, 6-9 PM
The class is only 2 days. Most want it fast, so that's what they get. However, if you want or need more class instruction, you get it for no extra charge. the class fee is $70 and that is for (semi) unlimited classroom instruction. There is a 3 year limit for unlimited classroom instruction.

Saturday, 9 AM- Noon
You can start any Saturday and finish the next Saturday. You can also mix and match, for example, start Saturday and finish Tuesday night. Or start Monday night, and finish Saturday morning.

You do not have to be pre-registered. You can just come by a few minutes before the class starts, fill in the registration form, make your payment and start class all at the same time. Very convenient.

Driving Lessons are not included in the $70. You must pay separately.
Driving lessons are done by appointment.

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