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Our class is fast and easy, but if you need extra help, it is no extra charge. Unlimited classroom instruction for $90.00 We think that is a good deal for driving school class. If you want it fast, you get fast. If you need extra help or want to take your time, you got it! And the price is right.

Driving lessons are separate and we charge for these lesson by the hour based on your driving ability.

We provide the vehicle and work by appointment only.

Driving Rates: Minimum for certification is $90. This is for drivers who know how to drive and have completed at least 30 of the required 50 hours of supervised driving by a parent or designated driver. We will do a thorough job of preparing you for the road test, including parallel parking, showing you the test route (and probable variations of it), the "do's" and "dont's" of correct driving and, of course, a certificate of completion. If you choose this option, you will likely share the car with other drivers. Usually there are two students and one instructor along for a session. We will ensure you learn what you need to know to get your license. The fee covers a two hour lesson at $45/hr. You personally will not be driving for the full two hours but will be getting two full hours of instruction which includes some driving, some observation and some time practicing parallel park. 

Beginner drivers will need more than 2 hours, but you can save lots of $$ by teaching your teen before sending them to us for lessons. Alternately, you can pay for as many hours of quality instruction that you want and you will never regret investing in your teen's future. Students who are beginners or who prefer one-to-one driving lessons will be charged $50/ hour. This is to cover increased costs for insurance, fuel, and other escalating costs. All lessons are done in 2 hour increments so it will be $100 for each lesson you do. The number you will need for certification will never exceed 8 hours. These lessons are now reserved for students who attended our class to get their permit.   If you went to class elsewhere, contact that school for driving instruction.

Please call 671-734-3748 for more information on class times or to make a driving appointment. Or you can email us at betterdrivers@gmail.com

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