Services We Offer

Classroom Instruction.

a. beginner drivers
b. experienced drivers who do not have a Guam license
c. drivers who have a license from another place, but cannot provide proof that they have been licensed for at least 5 years

This is the first part of the complete course. It is supposed to be 32 hours of classroom instruction. Anyone who wants to complete 32 hours of classroom instruction is welcome to do so. Most finish the class in two sessions. The cost is $90

Driving Lessons for Experienced Drivers

Students who know how to drive can take a single session of 2 hours. The purpose of this lesson is to prepare for the road test. We teach parallel parking, show the likely test route to familiarize the students with the roads and markings, offer fine-tuning (identify bad habits, hints on defensive driving, help with specific weak points such as parking or lane changes) and issue a certificate.

We do not guarantee a certificate! If a student is dangerous or will, in my opinion, surely fail the road test because of lack of experience or skill, or bad habits he/she refuses to subdue, we reserve the right to require more driving lessons. We do not want to waste your time or money, but I will not sign a certificate if the driver does not meet minimum requirements. After all, everyone is technically required to complete 8 hours of driving lessons. The 2 hour lesson is an equivalency course and an opportunity to save money by demonstrating adequate driving skills. If you cannot demonstrate driving skill and knowledge equivalent to someone who has completed both the 50 hour supervised driving requirement and the eight hour driving lesson requirement, I will not affix my signature (and my reputation) on it.
The cost is $90 ($45/hr). We provide the vehicle.

Driving Lessons for Beginner Drivers

NEW POLICY EFFECTIVE 4/1/2023 Beginner driving lessons are reserved for students who attended our class to get their permit

If you want me to teach a beginner driver, I charge $50/hour. The lessons are conducted privately (one-to-one) and we start at a safe place and teach from the beginning. I cannot quote the total price; it depends on too many factors.

I have been teaching driving for over 25 years. I have taught hundreds of beginner drivers. It can be stressful , but it is a privilege for me to be part of this important life event. I do my best to match my instruction with the student's learning style, but we do not always click. Occasionally, I recommend trying another instructor if it is not working out.

I try to strike a balance between safety and giving your money's worth. Safety must be #1, but we also do not want to drive in circles for endless hours at $50/ hour. So we try to get out there in the traffic as soon as we safely can.

Also, I reserve the right to refuse service. If a student driver will not respond to my instructions, if they have no instinct for self-preservation, I will end the lesson and give a partial refund. Please be careful; If I hear jokes about how you are too scared to let your wife drive, I may decide I am too scared as well. One guy asked me if my car was insured properly in case his son crashed. If you are willing to entertain the possibility that your son may crash my car, I will not be letting him drive my car with me in it! (By the way, my car is commercially insured, but that is not license to crash it.)

I am a professional driving instructor; I am not magical or suicidal. And I will not risk the life of my children's father because someone is too nervous to let their loved one drive. This is not, in my opinion, a legitimate reason to buy driving lessons. I want to work as a team with loving relatives who want to be part of the process. I cannot and will not do it alone. Each student driver is required by Guam law to complete 50 hours of supervised driving with a designated driver. The designated driver will be required to sign, under penalty of perjury, that the student driver did indeed complete the hours. If a parent is intending to perjure themselves on that document, I am not willing to do any driving lessons with that student driver.

I cannot single-handedly teach anyone to drive. It must be a collective effort.

We provide the vehicle.

Advanced Defensive Driving

Some student drivers or their parents or spouse want more than the minimum. I am very happy to teach advanced defensive driving to anyone, licensed or not, beginner or not. Anyone can learn something in a two-hour defensive driving lesson. During regular driving lessons, I mainly teach correct driving. Defensive driving is not exactly the same. Correct driving is necessary for the road test. It protects you against your own lack of experience and ensures you are compliant with the law. It also ensures you are not a danger to others on the road.

Defensive driving is more along the lines of defending yourself against the mistakes of others and the danger of the crazies that populate Guam roads. This entails looking ahead, keeping eyes moving, responding early to developing situations. It is identifying the erratic drivers and anticipating their next move. It is asking "What if..." What if that kid runs out into the road, what if that car door opens, what if that truck does not stop at the red light, etc.

This is important, but obviously I cannot teach it in the same two-hour session that I prepare a student for the road test--parallel parking and such. Again, it is never a waste of time and money to learn defensive driving. The cost for one-to-one defensive driving $50/hour. We provide the vehicle.

Standard (5-speed) Transmission

I teach 5-speed. Usually, a 2-hour session is enough. Not enough to become an expert, but usually the reason people buy this lesson is because they need to learn to drive their own car or truck, so my job is to teach the theory and the skills. I approach this very methodically and am quite effective at it.

First, I explain in simple terms how the manual transmission works- the drive train and the engine are separate parts. The clutch separates the two when you want to idle and it joins the two when you want to go. Then I do a demonstration drive. When the student begins driving, we do drills, not random driving. Drill build the skills. Let the clutch out until you hear the engine begin to work. Then push it back in. Do this exercise 20 times. Then go forward 1 inch and stop. Do this 20 times. Then go two feet and stop. Repeat 20 times. That is about a week's worth of driving in a half hour.

Then we drive and shift from 1st to 2nd and so on. There is more to it, but that's how i get started. Now you don't have to pay me; I just gave away my secret to success.

If you do buy this driving lesson, it costs $50/hour

12- hour Refresher Course. (8 hours class, 4 hours driving lessons)

a. people who have a Guam license that has been expired for over 1 year and have failed the written test twice
b. anyone who has a foreign or Stateside license but failed the written test twice.

The classroom portion of this course is conducted along with the regular classroom instruction. Same days and times.

Some students will be required to get a permit before taking the driving lesson portion of the 12-hour course. This will happen if the foreign or Stateside license is expired and I cannot legally take them for drive. In this case, I will issue a certificate that says 8 hour classroom instruction. They have to get a permit and then take the driving lesson for the 12-hour certificate.

The 12-hour course is supposed to consist of 8 hours classroom and 4 hours driving. I can offer equivalency for the driving portion (1-2 hours driving lesson), but I have to charge for it.

The cost for the 12-hour refresher course is $180 ($90 class and $90 driving)

I have a flow chart to help you decide what you need.

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