What are the steps to getting a Guam Driver's License?


When the classroom portion of the driving course is complete and you have your classroom certificate here is what you'll need to do next.

1. Take the certificate to DMV to make an appointment for the written test. You will need to bring an approved picture ID, SS card, Birth Certificate if you are a minor, and a designated driver (A parent with a Guam license for minors; friend or relative 21 years or older with a full Guam license for those over 18). Fill out an application form, present documents, take an eye test and then you'll be given a day and time to take the test at UOG.  

2.  On the appointed day go to UOG for your test. Bring Picture ID, Appointment paper from DMV and $15 CASH ONLY payment for the test. Test is 40 Multiple choice questions. Passing score is 32 out of 40.

3. The following week check to see if you've passed. You can see results  on the UOG website: www.uog.edu/professional-international-programs/exam-results If your name is on the list you've passed and can pick up permit from DMV or request it through the mail in form found on govguamdocs.com

4. When you are ready for driving lessons call Better Drivers to make an appointment for your driving lessons. Bring your Picture ID and permit on the day of the lesson along with your payment. You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion once you've completed your driving lessons. You will need 2-8 hours depending on your experience.

5. When your six months is up, get a Traffic Clearance ($10 from Traffic Court) then schedule a road test with one of the 5 authorized road test examiners. You'll need your picture ID, permit, Certificate of completion and traffic clearance 

6. On the day of the test REMEMBER: Be on time and be accompanied by a licensed driver (Designated driver preferred). Bring: ID, Permit, Traffic Clearance, Certificate of completion. If bringing your own car you'll also need registration, insurance and permission to use that car.

7. When you pass the road test go to DMV with all your documents and pick up your Intermediate license. 

8. After 1 year of a clean driving record you can trade in your Intermediate for a full license. You'll need another Traffic clearance to prove this safe record. 


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