Benefits to On-Line Course Delivery

~ Convenience
~ Save gas and time
~ No schedule conflicts
~ More parental involvement in the process. Course material encourages family discussion.
~ More complete and thorough course (compliant with 32 hour requirement)
~ More student interaction with instructors. Students talk to teacher by phone, email or in person. In class, they just sit there.
~ Use as supplement of classroom instruction, or as complete course in itself.
We are now offering the driver education course online. In the past, our class has been a summary of the 32 hour course required by the Government of Guam. What customers want is a fast class to get them ready for the government written test.
But-- safety should be our priority, both in choosing a driving school and in administering a driver education program. At Better Drivers, we have determined that a more complete course can be made available by putting all of our course documents--as well as lectures, videos, and practice questions--online, so you can access it at home and at your own convenience.
Most of our customers come to us knowing how to drive, so the main focus of the class has been to get the student ready for the written test.

But we know that a driver education class should be more than that; it should be an introduction to a lifetime of driving.

Studying for a 40-question multiple-choice test is not an adequate approach to a driver education course.

This is where the on-line course material comes in. It is a more thorough approach to the job the government has mandated for driving schools: to get student drivers ready to survive a lifetime of driving.
If a student, guided by parents, avails herself of all the material presented here, she will get much more thorough instruction than just sitting in class for a few hours.
We have noticed that parental involvement is minimal or non-existent when students are dropped at our classrooms for evening or weekend classes. However, the government recognizes the need for parental involvement in the process of teaching young people to drive. This is why the graduated licensing law has a requirement for 50 hours of supervised driving.
The pompous professor says: "The parents or legal guardians should have a significant role in preparing a student driver for a lifetime of safe driving and survival on the road."
If at least part of the classroom portion of the Driver Education course is done at home on the computer, we expect much more parental involvement than if the student is just dropped off at driving school. We feel this is consistent with the Government of Guam’s approach to Driver Education requirements, which increasingly features the involvement of the family.
It is also worth noting that the parents--inadvertently, I hope--often teach their teens bad habits. Much of the on-line material is designed for parent-teen discussion. This, we hope, will ensure that parents, teens, and driving instructors are all in agreement as to what the student should be learning.
In addition, our on-line students still have access to the instructors via email, phone, or in person either in scheduled class or on a drop-in basis. All paid students have unlimited access to both classroom instruction at our physical location as well as unlimited access to our on-line course material. You can choose to do either, or both, or a combination. The on-line course is simply an option for those who either have a difficult schedule, transportation issues, or want a more complete course than we can offer in the classroom setting.
The classroom instruction (in the physical classroom) has, up to now, been presented as a summary of the course material, so it can be completed in a few evenings. If you supplement that with the on-line material, you will get the full benefit of the 32 hour course.
In addition, we have found that our online students interact with the instructors more than the classroom students, who usually just sit there and watch the teacher. With phone calls, emails, and face-to-face conversations, our online students actually get more time with the instructors.
Of course, the entire driving portion of the course must be completed with a real, live, instructor!

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