Yigo Driving School

After 5 years of operating our satellite office in Yigo, we made the decision to close our Yigo Office, effective December 31, 2011. We have enjoyed servicing the population of Yigo but unfortunately have had to scale back our operations in order to more effectively serve all our customers.

We still offer driving lessons to those students who live in Yigo who have their learner's permit. You may call us at either 734-3748 or 483-3748 to schedule your driving lesson. We are able to do driving lessons in Yigo during weekdays, Monday thru Thursday between the hours of 11am and 5pm. Our typical driving lesson is a 2 hour lesson for $60 if you have driving experience. If you need a private lesson, our fee is $80 for the first two hour lesson and subsequent lessons may cost the same if you need a lot of help. We try to work with each family to provide the service that best suits their needs.

Students in Yigo may also want to take advantage of our online course. Just click on the link to the online course in the sidebar of this website. Follow the instructions for more information. And if you are willing to drive down to E. Agana we still have our E. Agana office open for all students.

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